Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy Gone Crazy!

What a day this crappy Thursday has been!
I wanna vent about my husband...but i just won't do that on here. (atleast not yet!! lol)

But my boys!... i have a Terrible 2yo..and a Mouthy 5yo. They are gonna turn my hair to gray, and make me a drinker i tell ya!...(ok, i'm totally over doing it..but if your a mom, you understand me!)

Tyler (the 2yo) thinks he can do what ever he wants, when ever he wants. And LOVES the word "NO!". Ooohh...and he hits. Typical two year old... i know!
Trevor...oh good lord... has the worst temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. i wanna start to ignore them..and hopefully he will start to stop. Is that so bad of me? to just ignore my kid? One day i threatened to put handcuffs on him...showed them to him. "Trevor, when people hit people..the police usually come and put handcuffs on them til they stop."
He hasn't hit since!..........bad of me?
And when he gets mouthy for not getting his way, and i put him in T.O..i get the "MOMMY I DON'T LOVE YOU!!!".
I know he doesn't mean it... but that makes me so sad.
I need Super Nanny to come to my crazy home. Maybe it's me? Maybe i am doing something wrong?
Don't get me wrong.... i love my kids, i love being a mom, i love being at home with them........ is just a Mommy Gone Crazy Day!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


...The start of it..

Day ***1&2*** of Invisalign

I finally got the call.. that my trays were in **YIPEEE!!**
16 for the top...11 for the bottom..... about 8months!

They hurt like hell. Lots and LOTS of pressure.
No one could tell i was wearing them, they just heard the slight lisp i had.

When i went to take them off to eat dinner.. the top came off easy, but the bottom would not come off... i had to pry those suckers off.
When i got both trays off... my teeth hurt more. it was hard to bite my food.....
I cleaned them up... went to put them on, top ones clicked on..but the bottom wouldn't. When i was prying.. i must of bent the one corner! (When Dr. Lewis put my "nubs on"... they must of been too big, that the tray was basically stuck.)
SOooooooo... i went back today and INVISALIGN has to send me another lower tray 1. :( Until i get that.. I'm still gonna wear the top, to get use to the tightness...

The Start

So i've really created this blog, so i can follow the progress of my invisalign..(and time to time talk about my family..LOL)

I've always hated my smile... in all my pictures my mouth is closed.
It affected my self-esteem... the way i bonded with people, my confidence.. and so on..
So i decided to look into getting a "picture perfect" smile.

Growing up.. when i lost a baby tooth, i didn't have any adult ones to replace them. So in which..created gaps, and made all my teeth go where they shouldn't. NOT pretty!

I decided on getting INVISALIGN... a costly (about $4500) procedure, but worth it to me! It's only gonna take me about 8months.
I will have 16 trays for the top. And 11 for the bottom.
BUT.. my procedure, is really putting the teeth i have in the right spot, and creating gaps for a few implants i am gonna get. This should be interesting!......