Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day ***1&2*** of Invisalign

I finally got the call.. that my trays were in **YIPEEE!!**
16 for the top...11 for the bottom..... about 8months!

They hurt like hell. Lots and LOTS of pressure.
No one could tell i was wearing them, they just heard the slight lisp i had.

When i went to take them off to eat dinner.. the top came off easy, but the bottom would not come off... i had to pry those suckers off.
When i got both trays off... my teeth hurt more. it was hard to bite my food.....
I cleaned them up... went to put them on, top ones clicked on..but the bottom wouldn't. When i was prying.. i must of bent the one corner! (When Dr. Lewis put my "nubs on"... they must of been too big, that the tray was basically stuck.)
SOooooooo... i went back today and INVISALIGN has to send me another lower tray 1. :( Until i get that.. I'm still gonna wear the top, to get use to the tightness...

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  1. Congrats! I will have a great time watching the progress. Madeline asks me everyday if her teeth look better since she has been wearing her retainer.

    Welcom to the world of blogging.