Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Start

So i've really created this blog, so i can follow the progress of my invisalign..(and time to time talk about my family..LOL)

I've always hated my smile... in all my pictures my mouth is closed.
It affected my self-esteem... the way i bonded with people, my confidence.. and so on..
So i decided to look into getting a "picture perfect" smile.

Growing up.. when i lost a baby tooth, i didn't have any adult ones to replace them. So in which..created gaps, and made all my teeth go where they shouldn't. NOT pretty!

I decided on getting INVISALIGN... a costly (about $4500) procedure, but worth it to me! It's only gonna take me about 8months.
I will have 16 trays for the top. And 11 for the bottom.
BUT.. my procedure, is really putting the teeth i have in the right spot, and creating gaps for a few implants i am gonna get. This should be interesting!......

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